Sunday, May 17, 2009


America has always been known for its patriots and for its compassion, because it was founded by people who understood what it took to develop a society that was morally balanced, prosperous and faithful. People worked hard, enjoyed time to play, fought for what was right and went to church. Generations later, people worked hard, played hard, fought less for what was right and went to church less. Nowadays people hardly work, seldom play, don’t fight for what is right and don’t go to church.

People don’t seem to notice the changes because they happen so slowly, but in the last five years the changes are happening faster and faster. In the last couple of weeks the infringements on our rights have increased in record number. This is a downward progression to losing the America we used to love and would die to protect. People don’t care what America used to stand for or what it means to be an American. People don’t want to work and if they do, they want to earn big money and they certainly don’t want to invent or make anything of substance. We are a nation of consumers – we take and take and do not give back. We throw away anything that does not please us, provide us with instant gratification or provide us with anything that satisfies our various selfish desires.

Citizens of the USA have slowly cultivated a morally unbalanced, economically depressed and faithless society. Justice is no longer served; politicians are corrupt and no longer represent the will of the people. The will of the people, despite the decline of American society, is that there still exists a core belief of our forefathers that survives within each person. We long for what has been fought for, the freedoms, the strong family and the comfort of a secure nation. We love to hear stories of the days gone by and we have a passion for browsing antiques that somehow capture an era that celebrated wholesomeness. We long for the balance between work, play and worship.

- - Wendy


  1. with the recession then people will appreciate things more

  2. yes, instead of a "throw-away" mentality, people will start to value everything they have; people will draw closer to family and God