Sunday, May 17, 2009


Everyone who remembers the New York City terrorist attack of 9-11 can re-count stories of heroism, selfless acts of mercy, endless hours of work, increased enlistment in the military and unlimited hours of prayer. The America people joined forces and helped one another in an effort to heal the nation, because this tragedy affected everyone. We were in fear and we were angry. We were alive and energetic, protecting our own and ready to kill the enemy. Ready to fight for what was right, defending our way of life and the things we held dear.

So what has happened? What allows terrorism to infiltrate quietly and enables a silent war to be un-named. What enables politicians to develop hidden agendas, allows borders to dissolve and seeps into our children’s lives like the poison? When the highest offices in the land do not follow the Constitution, do not strive for justice, help the poor or encourage free commerce, we have anarchy. We have apathy. The biggest enemy from within – we are divided and will be conquered.

- - Wendy

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