Sunday, May 17, 2009


After a few weeks of following God’s will for our lives we will see encouragement and results. Our hearts will be healed and our eye will be opened. Our habits, sicknesses and personal inventory will start to be something we deal with daily, instead of try to escape. Christians still are alcoholics, do drugs and abuse each other. If we really address the issues and become close to God, we can begin to heal these problems by asking for help and taking steps that lead to more healthy lives. We stop looking the other way, stop escaping and stop saying there is no hope. We help ourselves and help each other - because God enables us do that.

We see the politicians making new laws so they can avoid breaking old laws and we see politicians who serve special interest and take bribes and act corruptly. We need to address every issue that comes along. We continually speak out against the politicians who do not represent us. We answer polls, we send e-mails and we protest wrongful acts. We find the political representatives that serve the American people, who follow the Constitution and we support them. We send them e-mails, call them, we donate money to their cause and we speak out about each proposed law that we can. This takes work and it may seem like they don’t listen to us, but they will. We encourage the politicians who are good and discourage the politicians who are bad.

- - Wendy

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