Sunday, May 17, 2009


Things are different today in some unsettling ways. The situation is confusing to us because the terrorists, infiltrators and enemies are different than we are used to confronting. Now, we have unknown terrorists, legal and illegal immigrants, political forces and fellow citizen enemies. Psychologically, it is hard for us to take a stand on fellow Americans or people within the borders of our country.

The test to determine if our thinking is correct – is easy. Use the Constitution. Read the document itself. Think about the intentions and the reasons for the wording and what it protects. Think about how great America has been and how many people have died to preserve our freedoms. With this mindset, we know what we are fighting for and how life in America should be lived.

As a patriot we should pray for our country, live according to the Constitution and fight for what is right. At home, our mindset and how we live each day is the next step after personal inventory and praying. We need to nurture and give loving attention to our relationships including spouses, children and our families. We need to make sure we help neighbors, seniors and youth in practical ways.

We need to find a church that teaches fundamental Christian values, enjoy fellowship and worship. Even if it seems like work or seems inconvenient, we need to do it. We are trying to recover what has been lost and fight for what is right. As Americans we are Christians and non-Christians alike. God intends for us to know Him, love Him and to serve Him with a joyous heart to be happy. We should try to understand this concept.

- - Wendy

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