Sunday, May 17, 2009


Since our country was founded on Christian values, citizens trusted God and made provisions to secure a future that preserved our rights and we can use that core starting point. We need to question ourselves and whether or not we really believe that God our Father wants us to make some changes in our own individual lives. Do we realize that the only reason we breathe, have what we have or live in the country we do, is because God gives us those rights?

We need to pray for our country on a daily basis, asking God to give us strength for the work ahead. We need to ask for help prioritizing our own lives and maybe make some changes as to what we spend time doing each day. We need to consider how we treat others and what really matters. Much of what we need to think about is similar to how we felt on 9-12-2001. Remember how we changed our thinking, changed what we did and realized it was war?

- - Wendy

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