Sunday, May 17, 2009


Wake up, America! Its time for a Revolution! We could take our country back, choose to bear arms and defeat the enemy both foreign and domestic. We could remove the people that are committing treason, acting in a seditious manner and are purposely destroying the America we long to restore. But there is another type of Revolution we can safely promote, that accomplishes goals, establishes a foothold and lives will be enriched; not lost.

The United States of America has a foundation that it was built upon, documents that outline how our country should function to protect its people and checks and balances to ensure that an abuse of power does not happen. The quality of life is nurtured. The government is supposed to serve the people – not persecute the people, oppress, depress and destroy them. It is truly time for a Revolution in America!

What type of Revolution would accomplish the most and still glorify God? It is time to fight in America – fight for what is right, fight for freedom and fight to preserve the foundation our country was built upon - to survive. Fight to survive or our beloved country will cease to exist. What can we do?

- - Wendy

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