Sunday, May 17, 2009


Christians, and non-Christians alike, we need to look around us. We need to see, hear, read, learn, listen to what is being said and done around us. We need to understand the proposed and passing laws, the justice system, the law enforcement and the political atmosphere and agenda. We need to care deeply and have a passion for bringing our country back. We need to understand what it means to be American, in terms of working hard, taking time to enjoy playing, preserving the family unit, fighting for what is right and worshiping our Father in Heaven.

As we understand our mission to take back our country and understand it is a do or die situation, we realize the meaning of being a patriot. We realize that we will lose our country and our freedom and our way of life if we do not fight. What is a patriot? A patriot will risk all to preserve what it means to be American as defined in the Constitution. Are we patriots and do we have what it takes to live as real Americans? Yes, some do know and some will because of what we do.

- - Wendy

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