Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Slippery Slope and the Fort on the Cliff

Society is degrading, the moral condition is declining and we begin to accept the unacceptable more and more.

It is ironic that right is being viewed as wrong and wrong is being viewed as right.

What is the definition of right and wrong? The definition in society of right or wrong has become how many people agree with you. It is like a popularity contest. If everyone thinks something is good, then it is good. If everyone thinks something is bad, then it is bad. People in society are beginning to think they are gods. They make the rules.

We all do know the clear difference between good and bad, based on a moral compass. The moral compass we grow up with tells us that something is acceptable or unacceptable. The Bible tells us what is right and wrong, so that we can avoid sadness and live an enjoyable life doing the rights things. Churches should encourage the people. Parents should teach their children. Parents should elect good people in to political office.

Right and wrong is black or white - not gray. There is not a middle ground in deciding if something is right/good or wrong/evil. We can't be partly good and partly evil. We can't be gray. We can't be lukewarm. Read more here.

If we look at video games and TV, we see visual images that cause us to lose our compassion for others. If we immerse ourselves in these visual images, we can't see people the same way. If our emotions are absorbed in anger, violence, sexual immorality, occult, blood and hate, how can we know what is right and good? After a period of time, reality and virtuality become one.

We need to stop letting ourselves get forced down the slippery slope. We are slipping into a place of no return. We are losing ground and we are watching our friends, relatives, neighbors and acquaintances slip away into the "gray zone."

We see our Constitutional rights being ignored or taken away, as well. Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms are two issues currently at risk. We need to be able to stand for what is right. We need to stand for what is good. Government should not be tyrannical or take away our legal rights.

Each person needs to examine how they live and if it is good or bad. We need to choose good. We need to do what is right. We need to defend what is right. If we don't, we are about to go over a cliff like we have been hearing about in the news. This is the proverbial place of no return.

So, we need to build a fort on the cliff. We need to stand and defend what is right. We need to defend our country, our Christianity, our neighbors, our morals and our family. If we do not stand fast, then we will lose more and more and slip off the cliff. The fort we build needs to be a place of comfort and encouragement for others. We need to set an example and help people see what is right.

In America today, we need to pray for our country, encourage our political servants, support our churches, nurture our families and make a conscious choice to do the right things. We are surrounded with gray, with bad and with evil. It is ugly. From the fort on the cliff we can see the sun rising on a new day. We can see the rise of the Son in our Christian hearts, set to be an example for others to see. We are the Watchmen for the return of Jesus Christ.

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