Friday, March 29, 2013

GOD's LOVE: Passover, Good Friday and Easter

God loves us for all time and desires to have a relationship with us! He led His people out of slavery to the ultimate freedom through Christ. No matter what we are guilty of, we are free from that sin. All of our sins are forgiven and we have a close relationship with God the Father, because Christ gave His life for us. He was the sacrificial lamb. When we think of the bigger picture, Romans and Jews did not kill Christ. God designed through his mercy and love for Christ to lay down His life for us. Christ willingly gave His life for us. Christ willingly was separated from the Father for a period of time for us. When He asked that the cup might be passed from Him, it wasn't that He was afraid to be nailed to a cross and die. He didn't want to be separated from the Father's love and He didn't want to be immersed in evil or see hell. But, He did this for love. He did this for us! Christ died, rose again and we, as saved Christians, are filled with the Holy Spirit! He lives within us! We can do all things through faith. We should start doing them. We should start believing that through us, God can do great things in this world. We should be inspired and we should submit to Him. When we say "I surrender all" then we can truly live life. By the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God - we will do great things! In this world today, more than ever, we must shine as that light - that beacon of hope! There is no greater thing to share today, than the sacrifice of Christ and the grace of God. Thank you Father for all your blessings. Amen.

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